Tips to encourage your cats to drink more

  • Use a wide bowl as cats like to drink without restricting their whiskers. Refill and wash the bowl every day.
  • Use a ceramic or glass bowls, as often plastic can taint the water and easily put them off drinking.
  • Ensure their drinking water is placed away from litter trays and food bowls. Give them more than one water bowl in different places around your home.
  • Cats love running water, so tunning the tap on for them to drink the running cold water is always fun, but you will want to supervise them whilst doing this.
  • Really fussy drinkers may prefer bottled or filtered still water. Water fountains are also available.
  • Check the positions of where you place the bowls, often cats do not like reflections in the water, or vibrations from electrical appliances.
  • If your cat likes drinking from a glass of your water, then maybe give them their own glass of water when you have your drink.

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